I called my mom to tell her I’d had the best Chinese food I’d ever tasted. She replied, “Really? Where?” and I told her China Republic. She said, “That’s where I had the best Chinese food I’ve ever tasted!” I was annoyed she hadn’t told me sooner.

China Republic opened about six years ago, in Rancho Cucamonga, on the north side of Route 66, near the 15 freeway. The location isn’t a prime one, which is why I only recently discovered the restaurant. I don’t usually drive to that part of town looking for quality food. …

Who would’ve thought that nestled in the San Bernardino mountains, you could find an (almost) 5-star bistro specializing in traditional French cuisine with flavors and comfort characteristic of the American South? Well, you can and if you’re in the neighborhood or don’t mind a scenic winding mountain drive, you’re in for a treat.

Viva Madrid has been serving Tapas to Claremont since 1998 and to me personally for roughly six years. This hidden gem can be found in the Claremont Village, just south of Rhino Records on the corner of Yale and Bonita. Although the pandemic has brought patio dining to the street, the Spanish restaurant usually hides behind a boutique storefront. You’ll need to look out for the signage from the street, walk through the small shop selling jewelry, scarves and art, and down the hallway on the right, behind the Spanish Revival door, you’ll find Viva Madrid. The local favorite opens…

I couldn’t contain coronavirus but I could tackle the chaos in my cupboards and the microbe stew that filled my fridge.

A bag of potatoes with gnarly sprouts tearing the mesh, a package of stale corn tortillas and four half-used boxes of spaghetti made my pantry shelves look sad and neglected. The state of my kitchen was more suited for a college dorm room than it was a family of four sheltering in place. My mother had called three times to ask if I’d gone to the grocery store to stock up. I’d better hurry, she told me, coronavirus is spreading and California would likely be shutting down.

I am not the disaster preparedness type, the only emergency I’m typically prepared…

By: Emily J. Sullivan

Amie Harwick, Photo Courtesy of Robert Coshland

The murder of Amie Harwick is a jolting reminder that domestic violence, specifically intimate partner violence toward women, is a deadly issue that continually slips below the public’s radar. That is, with the exception of those fighting the issue behind the scenes, professionals and champions like Harwick herself.

Harwick was a perfect contradiction where stereotypes are concerned — a doctor of human sexuality and a Playboy model.

She exemplified female sexual empowerment, independence and strength, unabashed ambition, revolt against shame. …

Emily J. Sullivan

Writer @ The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, NBC, Los Angeles Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, VICE, Foodbeast, The Fix, Billboard. EIC of California Foodie

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